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Kriya Yoga

Yoga, Union to the Supreme power achieved through purification and alignment of the body and mind. Himalayan Kriya yoga is the easiest and fastest way to achieve this Bliss . It is the amalgamation of the scientific techniques (calibrating the left and right hemisphere of the brain) and sacred knowledge passed from Himalayan masters . It is the gift of Mahavatar Babaji compiled and shared by Mahayogi Dr Pradeep Ullal

In this Kriya process we use our breath , whole body chakras and gateways of subtlebody to finetune the body . It is an intense cleansing process by detoxifying , decarbonizing and decalcifying the human body . This purification leads to clarity awareness .
It can be practiced by everyone who wants to have more joy and happiness in their life and relationship . It is effective for one and all regardless of the cultural social or religion classification age sex or previous customer experience

Benefits of Kriya Yoga:

  1. It accelerates physical healing as we are using different marma point activations .

  2. It brings balance and tranquility to the body and mind by reducing restlessness and inertia .

  3. One begins to accept and enjoy life as it unfolds

  4. Interestingly enough the self control is gained and it grants more control over your life .

Join us on the path of Kriya Yoga and unlock the limitless potential of your true Self. Begin your transformative journey today.


The Panchakosha are:-

Annamaya kosha or the physical body is formed by the food. This is the only manifested version of the panchakosha, which is visible to everybody. Ayurveda, unani, modern medicine etc. are various modalities to heal this kosha.

Pranamaya kosha or energy body is unmanifested version which is formed by Prana,  which is the base for life. Prana flows through the nadis all through the body. It is said we have 72,000 nadis. The main plexus points of these nadis are called chakras & small plexus points are called marmas. The cleansing of pranamaya kosha is done by various modalities like crystal healing, reiki, pranic healing, acupuncture, shiatsu, marma therapy, chakra alignment etc.  All these healings align the pranic flow and relieve ailments.

Manomaya Kosha or mental body, involve all the faculties of mind and is the basis of our study. In modern view point, the Cognitive abilities, information processing, experience emotions and feelings, imagination all are the faculties of mind. In yogic definition of the activities of mind which is termed as vrithis of mind. The vrithis happen depending on the individuals Budhi, Manas, Ahankara and Chitha. Perceptions or beliefs we create on these factors becomes our reality. So Cleansing or re-engineering the belief systems or perception can change the individuals’ realities. For clearing of Manomaya Kosha we use theta healing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Manomaya kosha and the vignjyanamaya kosha, the karmic body, is intertwined and hence cannot be separated altogether. Because behavioral pattern depends deeply on the unconscious impressions stored in the Chitha.  So, the second level cleansing of manomayakosha extends to the vikjanamayakosha cleansing which includes the past life and genetic level.

Vikjananmaya kosha, or the karmic layer, which carries the impressions of the past lives and genetic lineage blockages. This is also a subtle level of prana. This cleansing is done by past life regression and genetic lineage healing. Kriya yoga practice helps to accelerate cleansing of this layer too.

The fifth body is the Anandamayakosha or the Bliss body. Bliss body directly communicate with the source energy and receives information from the source. The cleansing is done by the meditations.

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